Lead Vocals

Eddie Jacobs was first influenced in music at the age of 6 by The Beatles. When he became a teenager and was shopping with his mother he was in the record department and saw KISS Alive double album and that is when he decided he wanted to play music! He grew up in a small town in California called Ridgecrest. In 1978 a couple of friends in High School approached him and asked if he wanted to start a band called SPEEDWAY which later changed to BluEarth. He had no idea how to play an instrument. The Lead guitarist showed him the basic bar chords on the guitar and after that he bought a book on finger chords and taught himself how to play. The band wrote and performed all original music. The band lasted from 1978 to 1983.

 In 1983 to 1984 he was in a few bands (Metal Rage, Rukus and Iron Skull) where he played bass and sang vocals. In 1984 he joined a group of younger guys in a band called DEFENDER who wanted him to sing for them. DEFENDER, which later changed to NAWTY ROXX, quickly wrote a lot of original material and started playing the L.A. club scene in rock clubs like The Troubadour, Gazzari’s, The Roxy, and the Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood. Eddie’s vocals are a high energy tenor range and influenced by Motley Crue’s Frontman Vince Neil. NAWTY ROXX opened for CBS recording artist WARRANT down in San Pedro, CA. You can still see some videos of Eddie in action with NAWTY ROXX back in the 80’s on YouTube.

Eddie took an 18 year absence from playing in bands until 2012 when he met Merrill Woods to start a high energy band called PREVALENT. The band disbanded in 2013. Eddie decided to resurrect PREVALENT in 2015 with original bassist Dave Salisbury and some new players and the band lasted till January 2017. Now, Eddie is back with original guitarist Merrill Woods with SOLOMAN GRUNDY and are ready to melting faces with some high energy Rock and Roll!!

Eddie plays a Jackson Dinky JS22 guitar, Gibson Gold top Les Paul, Kramer and Korg M1 Keyboard on stage.

Donald “DJ” Johnston started playing guitar at age 9. By the age of 15 he was in his first “Garage” band playing rock covers.

After high school DJ was asked to play bass in a local Orange county band. He has been back and forth playing both guitar and bass since then. DJ has polished his chops playing in many “Top-40, classic rock, dance rock, blues, country & western” bands all over So Cal.

DJ prefers playing guitar and his prize instrument is a 1986 Gibson SG that he “heavily modified”. 


Guitar / Vocals


Drums / Vocals



Bass / Vocals

Todd’s bass journey began in junior high when he found an old upright acoustic bass in a dusty storage room just begging to be played. An electric bass came soon after and he immediately started creating music with neighborhood friends. Through high school, Todd played in several rock, R & B and jazz bands.

After high school, Todd bounced around with a couple semi-pro bands before co-founding the original alt rock band, the Amateurs. The Amateurs performed at every Inland Empire haunt they could find, sometimes opening shows for national acts and hosting epic outdoor music parties with other local bands.

Todd has since worked extensively with original local band, Art Gone Wrong, as well as other regional bands, including 442, Zeroland and Box of Rain. If you’re coming to a rock show, Todd believes you should expect to have a great time! He hates to stand still and wants nothing more than to see you having a blast and rockin’ your asses off! 


Guitar / Vocals

One of the TWO Guitarist in SOLOMAN GRUNDY, Merrill brings a SOLID Lead & Rhythm Guitar style to this Band.  He has a Commanding Stage Presence, and is a consummate showman on stage.........and off!!

Although Merrill was born on planet Mars, he was raised in Florida - with music, girls, music and, uhhh... and ... girls as his focus. Merrill bought his first Ibanez Iceman in 1978, and his first Les Paul Custom in 1980. He has been a Les Paul fanatic for the last 33 years - He usually plays his '57 VOS Les Paul Custom, his Silver Sparkle Top Les Paul Custom - or his ONE of a KIND Ibanez Destroyer Merrill Woods Model...... Seen in the Pic to the right ...

​Even though he has a career in aviation, MUSIC is his true passion and the STAGE is what he calls home. Playing in many different bands in the last 30 years from JACKSONVILLE, FL to HOLLYWOOD, CA - he left a band he started in Jacksonville, FL called
ZERO-N and moved to California in 2011. As the founding member and Lead Guitarist - be sure to catch him live as he plays his role in SOLOMAN GRUNDY!