Carl Baker was told as early as the fourth grade, by his elementary school band teacher, that he would never be a musician if he moved away and gave up the clarinet. Nonetheless, three years later his musical career truly began when his father gave him a second-hand Sears Silvertone guitar with a tiny amplifier built into the case. This sparked a lifelong passion for music and performance. While the electric guitar sparked his musical career, Carl spent his his first 15 years as a bass player in various incarnations of bands through junior high, high school and college.
In his late 20s Carl again picked up the guitar and learned to play.

He has since performed as both a lead and rhythm guitar player with various bands in several genres, touring Northern and Southern California and Arizona. Carl plays a Gibson Les Paul Standard, Fender Lonestar Strat, a Fender American Strat, a Gibson Marauder, Fender American Telecaster and an Epiphone SG double-neck. 

 Aside from playing the guitar, Carl enjoys riding his 2015 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited Low as a member of the Palm Springs HOG chapter.


As the Co-Founder (along with Bass Player Todd McMeans) Merrill is one of the two Guitarists in SOLOMAN GRUNDY. His influences range from Ace Frehley, and Gary Rossington, to Angus Young and his fav - Tom Scholz!

Although Merrill was born on planet Mars, he was raised in Florida - with music, girls, flying, and, uhhh... and ... girls as his focus. Merrill bought his first Ibanez Iceman in 1978, and his first Les Paul Custom in 1980. He has been a Les Paul fanatic for the last 30  plus years -  He usually plays his Silver Sparkle Top Les Paul Custom - or his  Ibanez Destroyer Merrill Woods Model......

​Even though he is a Pilot and has a career in aviation, MUSIC is his true passion and the STAGE is what he calls home.

​Playing in many different bands in the last 30 years from JACKSONVILLE, FL to HOLLYWOOD, CA - his happiest memories are NOW - in SOLOMAN GRUNDY!



Rob started his musical career at home at 13 singing along with Kiss into a tape recorder. He had never played in a band until he was 21. He was singing in public for the first time at an open mic night at the UCR Barn and that was it. An original band that was forming at the time (Skin Trade, Nasty Habit) in Riverside asked him to join as their lead vocalist.

His roots include a wide range of music including bands like The Cult, The Alarm, Billy Idol, The Police/Sting, Hagar, and numerous punk bands just to list a few. Over the next 15 years and a couple band incarnations playing the club circuit in and outside of L.A./Hollywood areas he became more and more comfortable behind the mic.

After recording a couple albums and playing tons of shows over that time, real life (family and work) hit everyone, so he took a break for many years from live music. But the bug never leaves true music people, so he joined some local buddies and formed a cover band called “Crisis”, as in mid-life crisis. He can’t turn down a good thing and most recently was talking to SOLOMAN GRUNDY'S guitar players Carl & Merrill who invited him out and here we are. So let’s get to it !!

todd mcmeans - bass / VOCALS

Todd’s bass journey began in junior high when he found an old upright acoustic bass in a dusty storage room just begging to be played. An electric bass came soon after and he immediately started creating music with neighborhood friends. Through high school, Todd played in several rock, R & B and jazz bands.

After high school, Todd bounced around with a couple semi-pro bands before co-founding the original alt rock band, the Amateurs. The Amateurs performed at every Inland Empire haunt they could find, sometimes opening shows for national acts and hosting epic outdoor music parties with other local bands.

Todd has since worked extensively with original local band, Art Gone Wrong, as well as other regional bands, including 442, Zeroland and Box of Rain. If you’re coming to a rock show, Todd believes you should expect to have a great time! He hates to stand still and wants nothing more than to see you having a blast and rockin’ your asses off - that is why he is the Co-Founder of SOLOMAN GRUNDY with his Partner in Crime ....... Merrill Woods


Straight Outta’ Compton! Yay-yay! Well… Jeff was actually born in Compton, though he didn’t spend much time there. Jeff grew up and went to school in Anaheim. In high school, he was a true band geek, playing in all the school bands (marching, concert, jazz, drum line), as well as garage and classic rock and roll with friends. In the 80’s, his entire life changed when he first heard Rush and Neil Peart (the high priest of linear rock drumming), as well bands like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Yes, Return to Forever and The Elektric Band. After playing improvisational jazz in college for a few years, life eventually came calling (work/money/family/responsibility - being an adult - YUCK!), and “the dream” was put on hold, taking him away from music and into a career in IT. After nearly 25 years away from playing, Jeff picked up his drumsticks for his 50th birthday, sat in with the band, and hasn’t stopped since… “the dream” now officially alive again, and joining SG is a huge part of that resurrection. Says Jeff.. “Making music is fun. Making good music is really fun. Making good music with good guys and great musicians is really-really fun. Making really good music for an audience that is totally into the show and having a great time is the best! And that’s what I’m finally getting to do with SG.” Besides music, Jeff is a huge fan of craft beer (beer snob) and a devoted follower of the LA Kings (GKG!).